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Trinity Publications Committee is a capitated body in Trinity College Dublin, similar to the Students Union, DUCAC and the Central Societies Committee (CSC). We receive an annual grant that comes from the Registration Fee, which we distribute among student publication efforts to help them meet printing costs. Pubs is the organisation which supports student publishing in college. There is a place for everyone here — you can contribute to one of our award-winning publications, or even start one of your own! We’re also always looking for designers, graphic editors, photographers and coffee mates.

The Executive

The day-to-day running of Trinity Publications is handled by the Executive Committee, listed below. They and the editors of the major publications are elected at the Publications Committee AGM in Hilary Term each year.

Grace Gageby
Laura Galvin
Shannon McGreevy
Oz Russell
Public Relations Officer
Isabella Gannon
Amenities Officer
Ellen Kenny
Alumni Officer