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Grants & Recognition

Applying for a grant from Trinity Publications or to become a Recognised Publication can seem daunting but doesn’t need to be! The best way to prepare is to plan ahead: we have detailed applications in order to allocate funding as fairly as possible and to ensure that those who receive funding are set up for success.

Should you have any specific questions about applying for a grant or recognition, email the Secretary.

You can apply for print funding up to €300 per term. If successful, your publication will become an Associate Publication of Trinity Publications.

  1. Applications for print grants for Michaelmas term 2021/22 are open now. For new publications fill out our associate grant form. For existing but not yet fully recognised publications, fill out our provisional recognition form. A print grant is good for one term, and we’ll announce on social media and our mailing list when applications are open. Applications are through an online form. We advise not waiting until the last minute! Generally, we expect that you’ll have thought through your publication, found a few other people who are interested in being involved, and have sought out printing quotations and possible advertisers. We’re here to help in any way we can, but each publication must also take initiative!Our applications vary slightly from term to term, but we’ll ask about:
    • Branding and (most importantly) what sets your publication apart from all the others we print.
    • Any staff you’ve already brought on board and prior experience writing or editing.
    • Printing costs, quantity and quotations — you’ll need to know what size your publication will be (approximate page count; A4, A5, B5…?) and how many copies you expect to print. You can contact printers such as Reads, Printsave and Grehan’s for quotations.
    • Any other funding sources — will a society or College department contribute? Do you have advertising lined up?
  2. Once applications close, the Publications Committee will meet to approve or decline your application.
  3. If your application is approved, congratulations! You’ll be contacted to sign the Grant Policy Document and the Contract of Editorship: these documents outline the conditions and expectations of funding and your duties as an editor and as a publication.
  4. Put together your publication. The Pubs room has equipment for your use, including cameras and computers with Photoshop and InDesign. Then send it off to the printers!
  5. When it comes back from the printers, distribute your publication around College and with outlets off campus (keep your eyes open for cafes and shops that might want copies).
  6. Settle any outstanding financial obligations (for example, advertising revenue).

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Associate Publications and Provisionally-Recognised Publications can apply for Recognition. If successful, an Associate Publication becomes Provisionally-Recognised; a Provisionally-Recognised Publication becomes Fully-Recognised.

Provisionally-Recognised Publications have guaranteed funding and can apply for Full Recognition after minimum one year under Provisional Recognition. Fully-Recognised Publications have guaranteed funding and a seat on the Publications Committee with voting privileges. More details can be found under ‘Recognition’ in our Constitution.

  1. We open applications for Recognition annually. We’ll announce on social media and our mailing list when applications are open. An award of Provisional Recognition is good for one year: the publication will need to submit a fresh application for Full Recognition after the end of the one-year Provisional Recognition. (A publication can stay Provisionally-Recognised for an unlimited period of time, until their Full Recognition application is successful, or until they fail to apply or aren’t awarded Provisional Recognition.)
  2. We’ll want to see:
    • A proper written constitution or statement of objectives of the publication.
    • Satisfactory accounts of income and expenditure incurred over the financial year or major part thereof.
    • A written report from the editor of the publication.
    • Copies of two or more issues and accounts produced during the period of Provisional Recognition or as an Associate Publication (as relevant).
  3. Once applications close, the Publications Committee will meet to discuss the applications and award Provisional or Full Recognition, or decline (leaving it an Associate Publication).
  4. If your application is approved, congratulations! For publications awarded Full Recognition, the editor of your publication will be a sitting member of the Publications Committee and entitled to attend meetings, weigh in on issues facing Trinity Publications, vote on motions and for Executive Committee members. For publications awarded Provisional Recognition, your funding is guaranteed and you’re one step closer to Full Recognition.
  5. For Provisionally-Recognised Publications, remember to reapply for Recognition as you approach the end of your one-year period of Provisional Recognition.

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